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Type Application
To make deliciousness of various foods and to be an important clement
for compounded element for compounded seasonings.
Modified Starch
Food binder and thickener
PB108 Cross-linked starch ester.
Used for fish, meat product, noodle, seasoning, and filling.

PB104 Acetylated distarch Phosphate
Used for sauces, ketchup, fruit and cream fillings soups, salad dressing,
pasteurized foods, frozen foods, and refrigerated foods.

PB 2000 Cross-linked starch
Used for salad dressing, canned soups, gravies, sauces, baby foods, cream
style corn, fruit pie filling, puddings, batter mixes for deep fried foods.

Z-100 Acetylated Starch
Used for fish, meat product, noodles, fried food, roasted food.

Z-300F Acetylated Starch
Used for noodles, fish, meat product, sauces, gravy.

For paper making

EX-3 Trialkyl Ammonium Hydroxyalkyl Starch.
To improve and increase the strength of the paper effectively, as retention aid
and beater additive

Z-300 Acetylated Starch
As sizing agent

ZP-8 Oxidized Starch
As surface sizing, clay coating, beater additives.

For textile industry

NW-1000 Oxidized Starch
As finishing and wrap sizing agents.

ZP-8 Oxidized Starch
As finishing and wrap sizing agent.

Flavour DuCrocq Aromatics Flavour from Holland
For: Sauces and convenience meals; barbecue, tomato, etc.
Snack industry; shrimp, cheese, etc.
Spray-Dried Sweet Flavours ; apple, coconut, etc.
Alcoholic drinks ; brandy, sherry, etc.
Dairy industry ; strawberry, blackcurrent, etc.
Soft drink industry ; cherry, lime, etc.
Confectionery ; orange, hint blend, etc.
Baking industry; malted milk, wheatgerm, etc.
Oral hygiene ; spearmint, mint/fruit flavour, etc.

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