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Type Application
45 D
Mixture of hetero compound and sulfur compound containing
nitrogen. Effective to a wide range of fungi and yeast for paint,
putty, adhesive, cotton canvas, interior and exterior building
materials, surface active agent, pigment and ink.
Organic compound containing nitrogen.
For paint, putty adhesive, surface active agent, pigment and ink.
Organic nitrogen-sulfur compound stabilizer to protect
the quality of processing leather especially in pickling and tanning
process and wet blue from microtrial attack.
Halide nitrogen sulfur compound
Wide sprectrum covering gram negative and positive bacteria,
fungi, yeast.
An organic compound containing halogen, nitrogen, and sulfur.
Antibacteria activity, antiseptic and antifungal effect on
industrial products.
Sulfur compound containing nitrogen.
Applicable to paint, resin emulsion, textile oil, pigment size and
metal processing oil.
Slamonie 61 Organic nitrogen-sulfur compound.
Usable for quality control to stabilize properties of coating color,
resin emulsion, textile acids, machine coolant pigments, etc.
Slamonie DT Organic iodine compound.
Usable for quality control to stabilize properties of resin emulsion,
paint, surface active agent, textile aid, size, adhesive, ink, India ink,
and pigment.
Slamonie H Cyclic compound containing nitrogen.
Widely applicable to nextral to alkaline industrial product for
those bactericidal preservative, emulsion paints, putty oily products,
latex, resin emulsions and paper coating colors, etc.
Slamonie SL Organic bromic compound.
It has an excellent antibacterial activity against microorganisms
in a wide range, including bacterial fungi and yeast.
Antifungal in resin emulsion, textile aide, pigments, etc. or chemical
bactericidal use of manufacturing equipment, receiving and
storage tanks, etc., and slime control of white water etc.

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