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Type Application
A-310/A-3 Polyester polyol component / Isocyanate hardener
Used in
1. Dry lamination for boiled food, retorted food juice, shampoo film
composition : PET/AL/CPP, PET/Ny/AL/CPP, Ny/CPP extrusion lamination
for juice, shampoo
2. Extrusion lamination for juice, shampoo
Film composition: NY/PE, PET/PE/AL/PE
A-969V/A-5 Polyurethane adhesive for dry lamination, snack, dry food
Film composition: OPP/CPP, OPP/VM-CPP
A-231/A-31 Polyether polyol component/ Isocyanate hardener used in solvent-free-
lamination for snack and boiled food
Film composition: OPP/CPP, OPP/VM-CPP, Ny/LLDPE, Paper/Paper
D-170 N
Isocyanate type aliphatic polyisocyanate resin based on Hexamethylene
Diisocyanate (HDI)
An acid type paint and adhesive agent remover contained Phenol
D-251 S
10% Modified Poly-Oleffin
A-270 L
Aromatic one pack solvent free type adhesive for film lamination
Film composition: OP/EVAL, OP/Paper, AL/Paper, EVAL/Paper
20% Modified Poly-Olefin

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