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   Company name        :   Chemical Specialties Corporation Ltd.
   Founded             :   15th September 1981
   Office              :   65/215-216  26th Floor
                           Chamnan - Phenjati Business Center,
                           Rama 9 Rd., Huay - kwang, Bangkok 10310.
                           Tel. (622) 246-9285-9 
                           Fax. (662) 246-9296
   Warehouse           :   150  Moo 2 Km.42 Bangna-trad Road,
                           Bangsamak Bangpakong
                           Chachengsao 24310 Thailand.
   Type of Business    :   Agent of Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd., Japan
                           Agent of Asaki Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Japan
                           Agent of Century Chemical Works, SDN,BHD, Malaysia
                           Agent of Solkratronic Chemicals Co., Ltd., USA
   Marketing Data
   Company's selling products :
                           Ployurethane Foam Materials   55%
                           Polyurethane Adhesives        15%
                           Activated Carbon              8%
                           Biocides                      5%
                           Solvents & Freon              13%
                           Others                        4%

Geographically our sales covers whole area of the Kingdom of Thailand but Mainly business is done through Bangkok Office in case their plants are located in provinces. We hold weekly sales meeting to exchange market information and to confirm sales policies up to date. And from time staffs from Takeda Chemical Industries (Japan) join this meeting too.


Industries covered by our sales force :

Refrigerator manufacturers, Automotive, Petroleum, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Leather tanning, Paper, Textile, Plastic injection, Construction, Paints, Packaging, Edible oil refinery and etc.




   Expansion Plan      :   Expand to Environment concerned products.
                       :   Expand to health care products.
                       :   Expand to other industries related.
   Long Term Plan      :   Looking for business opportunities
                           through joint venture system.
   Expecting Your Line :   Looking for another reliable
                           suppliers of products to 	
                           Serve customers' needs.

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